Countries colored in brown rank highly in the Growth Competitiveness Index 2004 - 2005, World Economic Forum.

Finland - 1
United States - 2
Sweden - 3
Taiwan - 4
Denmark - 5
Norway - 6
Singapore - 7
Switzerland - 8
Japan - 9
Iceland - 10
United Kingdom - 11
The Netherlands - 12
Germany - 13
Australia - 14
Canada - 15
United Arab Emirates - 16
Austria - 17
New Zealand - 18
Israel - 19
Estonia - 20
Hong Kong - 21
Chile - 22
Spain - 23
Portugal - 24
Belgium - 25

Map Explanation

Source: Executive Summary, Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005.

The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) is founded on three central ideas.

The first idea is that the process of economic growth can be analyzed within three important broad categories: the macroeconomic environment, the quality of public institutions, and technology.

The second idea underlying the GCI is that, although technological advance is the ultimate source of growth, its origin may be different across countries. In particular, for economies that are already close to the technological frontier, innovation is the main source of technological improvements.

The third central idea underlying the GCI is that the importance of the factors of economic competitiveness varies for core and non-core innovators. Getting the fundamentals right in terms of the macroeconomic environment and institutions is still extremely critical for the non-core innovators, whereas core innovators will have these fundamentals largely in place, and for them technological innovation has become the deciding factor for growth. Along these lines, the GCI assigns a larger weight to the technology index for core innovators than it does to the public institutions index and the macroeconomic environment index.

Map is a Mercator projection that exaggerates the size of areas far from the equator.

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