Countries colored in brown represent the leaders in digital innovation. Black circles represent digital technology hubs.

Top digital technology innovation regions by rank (Hillner, 2000):

Silicon Valley, US
Boston, US
Stockholm-Kista, Sweden
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, US
London, UK
Helsinki, Finland
Austin, US
San Francisco, US
Taipei, Taiwan
Bangalore, India
New York City, US
Albuquerque, US
Montreal, Canada
Seattle, US
Cambridge, UK
Dublin, Ireland
Los Angeles, US
Malmo, Sweden - Copenhagen, Denmark
Bavaria, Germany
Flanders, Belgium
Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Virginia, US
Thames Valley, UK
Paris, France
Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany
Oulu, Finland
Melbourne, Australia
Hong Kong, China
Chicago, US
Queensland, Australia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Salt Lake City, US
Santa Fe, US
Glasgow - Edinburgh, UK
Saxony, Germany
Sophia Antipolis, France
Inchon, South Korea
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Campinas, Brazil
Trondheim, Norway
El Ghazala, Tunisia
Gauteng, South Africa


Map is a Mercator projection that exaggerates the size of areas far from the equator.

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