The Tenure Debate -- Near and Afar


The soul of the university David Vold, University of Alabama [1994]
Quick stats: Attitudes and statistics about the tenure debate Auburn Horizon [Nov. 6, 1996]


Regents reject faculty tenure committee The Lumberjack [Oct 4, 1995]
Disposable professors Currents, [Oct. 5 - 11, 1995]
Outcome of Arizona Board of Regents tenure decision Dan Landers, ASU Academic Senate [Jan. 16, 1996]
Meeting focuses largely on ongoing tenure issue Charles Ratliff, Arizona Daily Wildcat [Jan. 12, 1996]
Regents tell schools to get public input on tenure Trigie Ealey, Arizona Daily Wildcat [June 5, 1996]
AAUP - Arizona Conference


Do "We" have a future? Bill Whitson, President, California Academic & Research Libraries [Sept. 1995]
Letter to the California Faculty Association from CFA president and statement on CFA contract ratification[Sept. 22, 1995]
FRI closure raises faculty tenure, contractual issues The Stanford Daily [Jan. 29, 1996]
Proposal could give regents tenure control, approval not expected The Daily Californian [Feb. 8, 1996]
Health Sciences: Tenured faculty face pay cuts The Daily Trojan [Feb. 26, 1996]
Interim Medical School Dean proposes open dialogue on tenure The Daily Trojan [Apr. 22, 1996]
Cal State Trustees: A new "corporate" style California Higher Education Planning Center Crosstalk [May 1996]
Faculty sues USC over tenure Science NOW [Nov. 15, 1996]
Playing hardball at USC Science [Nov. 29, 1996]
In defense of academic freedom Richard B. McKenzie, University of California, Irvine


Some comments on tenure issues: A report to EPUS Faculty Senate Committee [Feb. 12, 1996]
University of Colorado ad hoc committee on tenure preliminary report [Sept. 16, 1996]


Tenure quagmire Yale Daily News [Sept. 18, 1995]
The Watchdog, tenure trials, and the Holy Grail Yale Daily News [Sep. 28, 1995]
Confusion puntuates tenure system Yale Daily News [Oct. 5, 1995]
Harvard tenure policy sparks alumnae protest Yale Daily News [April 5, 1996]


Reform tenure now: Addressing Florida's failed system Foundation on Florida's Future [Aug. 1, 1995]
Tenure review approved Gainesville Sun [Sept. 30, 1996]


Task force to establish post-tenure review policies and procedures University System of Georgia Board of Regents [March 8, 1995]
Tenure to be reviewed GSU George Anne [May 14, 1996]
Policies for layoffs or terminations University System of Georgia Board of Regents


Proposals to limit or abolish tenure could drive up costs of going to college News Bureau, University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana [Sept. 1996]


Students teaching students: Tenured professors rare in low-level classes The Daily Iowan [Jan. 17, 1996]


Tenure policy: Suspensions, terminations and dismissals University of Kansas


Tenure system undergoes nationwide review LSU Reveille [April 9, 1996]
Tenure: Job security does not guarantee promotion University of Southwestern Louisiana Vermillion [May 31, 1996]


Cutting to the bone: The downsizing of your education Link Magazine [April/May 1996]


Moving toward the 21st century Michael Hooker, President, UMASS [1994]
Dancing around the edges: Women and minority faculty tenure Harvard Perspective [Dec. 1994]
Tenure vs. teaching ability Harvard Salient [March 13, 1995]
Beyond good intentions: A look at Harvard's tenure process Harvard Perspective [March 1995]
Faculty union adopts activist course to secure new contract University of Massachusetts Chronicle [Sept. 20, 1995]
Harvard tenure policy sparks alumnae protest Yale Daily News [April 5, 1996]
Smith College overrules department, denies tenure to female chemist The Scientist [April 29, 1996]
Tenure Provisions: Definition, acquisition, and termination Wellesley College


Toward a definition of tenure University of Michigan Senate Assembly [Dec. 12, 1994]
Assembly debates sanctions for faculty Michigan Daily [Sept. 19, 1995]
Assembly debates tenure definition Michigan Daily [Oct. 24, 1995]
Riding on the tenure track: What makes or breaks a college career? U Mag, Hope College [Oct. 1995]
Response to University of Minnesota discussion on tenure Faculty Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs, University of Michigan [April 9, 1996]
The troubled careers of recent Ph.D.s U.S. News [America's Best Graduate Schools 1996]


Should the Regents be axed? Two views. University of Montana Kaimin [Feb. 3, 1995]


From both sides now: Academic tenure--should it stay or should it go? Allan H. Church, University of Nebraska at Omaha

New Jersey

Proposed master plan for higher education in New Jersey NJ Higher Education Commission [April 1, 1996]
Building on Excellence Strategic plan for Rutgers - New Brunswick

North Carolina

Tenure process may be revised Duke Chronicle [April 6, 1996]
Post-tenure Review Committee University of North Carolina System
Tenure is under fire for faculty NCSU Nubian Message [Nov. 7, 1996]


Managing for the Future: Changes and Opportunities for Higher Education Task Force for the Ohio Board of Regents [May 1996]


United Faculty (UF) suspends campaign University of Pittsburgh Times [April 25, 1996]
Tenure: Faculty transfers and terminations policy University of Pennsylvania
Termination due to reorganization or termination of programs University of Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

Questions about tenure: Is Brown fair to women? College Hill Independent, Brown University [February 15, 1996]


Tennessee Board of Regents official charges univ. tenure should be abolished Tennessee Tech [April 17, 1996]


The Future of Tenure at the University of Texas [Post-tenure review flare-up]
Regents' policy on tenure, promotion, and termination of employment University of Texas System
Faculty Senate tenure issues task force report University of Houston [Sept. 25, 1996]
UT faculty committee attacks tenure policies The WebTexan [Sept. 27, 1996]
Texas reviews its post-tenure policies The WebTexan [Oct. 11, 1996]
State Rep. praises faculty policing of tenure The WebTexan [Oct. 28, 1996]
Proposed Texas A&M University rule on post-tenure review Texas A&M Faculty Senate [Oct. 14, 1996]


Legislators to tenure lovers: Prove it works or we'll fix it Salt Lake Tribune [Dec. 9, 1996]


Bennington College: A battle for survival U.S. News [Sept. 18, 1995]


[Virginia Tech] President addresses education funding Collegiate Times [Sept. 22, 1995]
Frosting, sauce, and the ticking tenure clock Inside UVa [Oct. 6, 1995]
Matching Virginia Higher Education's Strengths with the Commonwealth's Needs Commission on the Future of Higher Education in Virginia [January 1996]
Academic lawlessness and pressures to conform Virginia Tech Spectrum [Jan. 18, 1996]
Virginia Tech chapter of the AAUP
Virginia Tech's ENABLE restructuring project
Post-tenure review process State Council of Higher Education for Virginia [April 22, 1996]
Tech profs watching Minnesota Roanoke Times [Dec. 13-16, 1996]


Proposed changes to the faculty tenure code: Procedures for elimination of an academic program Approved, University of Washington Faculty Senate [July 9, 1996]

West Virginia

Tenure on trial The West Virginia Sunspot [July 9, 1996]


Regents to review cuts Badger Herald [Oct. 4, 1996]
UW profs pay ranks near bottom Badger Herald [Oct. 4, 1996]
UW Board of Regents approve tuition hike for students Badger Herald [Sept. 3, 1996]
Ward lauds "survival instinct" Wisconsin Week [Oct. 11, 1995]
SAVE commission proposals offer UW more flexibility Wisconsin Week [Feb. 1, 1995]
Faculty senate voices concerns about five-year reviews Wisconsin Week [Feb. 24, 1993]
Plan for post-tenure review focuses on career development Wisconsin Week [Feb. 10, 1993]

The Tenure Debate: Near and Afar